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LoonTune™ provides fun and a bit of exercise for nearly all ages.  This patented* product is a great gift.  Both the wail and tremolo sounds of the common loon are made when using this interactive nature toy.  Each LoonTune is made in the U.S. and comes with natural wood handles from renewable forests located in northern Minnesota.

“I am going to have more fun than should be allowed without a license
with this little gadget!!!!” - Karen, Vergas, MN


"The LoonTune is the hottest new item to hit the shelves at The Loon’s Feather Gift Shop. Fashioned after a button toy, the LoonTune serenades the user with the calls of the loon. Replicate the “wail” or “tremolo” while repeatedly pulling the cord with birch handles."

Loon Preservation Committee

Girl Using
Girl Using

Your LoonTuneTM operating instructions:

1) Hold both handles of the LoonTune in one hand. With your other hand, spin the LoonTune disc.
2) Continue to spin the disc until most of the string is twisted.
3) Next, pull the handles outward and inward allowing the string to unwind and twist again.
4) Enjoy the wail and tremlo sounds of the loon!
Adult supervision for children is recommended for this product. 
Caution: String may break while using this item.
Boy Using

What are wail and tremolo sounds of the Common Loon?

  • Tremolo

The tremolo has been described as "insane laughter"; it is 8 to 10 notes voiced rapidly which vary in frequency and intensity. This is the only call that loons make in flight.

Hear what the loon's tremolo sounds like!

  • Wail

The wail is most frequently given in the evening or at night, and can be heard for many miles. This haunting call is not an alarm call but is used to keep in contact with other loons on the same lake and surrounding lakes.

Hear what the loon's wail sounds like!

Your LoonTuneTM is made in Minnesota.


The Birch Handles come from renewable forests located in northern Minnesota. The LoonTune is made, assembled and packaged in the Twin Cities.



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*U.S. Pat. 7,997,951   

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